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Greetings and welcome to the world of Todd Michael's Mosaic's. Where ideas are brought to life with glass.

In a career as a mosaicist that spans nearly a decade,

Todd Michael’s designs have ranged from residential backsplashes, to patios and walls, to stunning commercial beach condominium grand entrance ways and now in pools.

Todd’s newest creation springs forth with nature in the form of flowers.

These flowers, which make beautiful centerpieces to any pool bottom, are five feet in diameter, made of durable glass mosaic tile, with colors specifically chosen to accent any pool.

Their glass iridescence will forever glisten and shimmer in the sun.

Currently, Todd Michael offers the three selections of flowers

“Classic Lotus” The original flower that started it all. It is hand-crafted in a blue and white gradation of glass, naturally flowing like the real lily. It has over a dozen and a half petals each catching more of the sun’s reflection. It is framed out with a shimmering green lily pad.

“Lily’s Lotus” A stunning version of the above flower, but this one is mother of pearl pink finished with the white iridescent glass tiles. It also is framed out in with a shimmering green lily pad.

“Renaissance Rose” This mosaic medallion has been expertly handcrafted to capture the many folds of nature’s rose. Each petal is created in a classic red. There are light raspberry glass tiles for highlights and a deep crimson red for the lowlights. It is finished with rose leaves to accent along the edges.

As studio designs progress, more flowers will appear in the Todd Michael Mosaic Garden.

Thank you for taking time to look at my mosaic garden of flowers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. Please contact the artist at 954-548-5989 or email

Sincerely signed the Artist,

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